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The policyholder purchased a life insurance policy on July 29, 2011.  On the application for insurance the policyholder disclosed that he suffered from high blood pressure but denied any other health problems.  Unfortunately, on October 1, 2011 the policyholder died of a heart attack leaving behind a son and wife.  The wife was the sole beneficiary on the insurance policy.  Because the policyholder died during the two year contestability period, the insurance company proceeded to perform a post claims underwriting investigation.  To that end, the insurance company ordered all of the policyholder’s medical records.  Based on the medical records, the insurance company took the position that the policyholder failed to disclose on the application for insurance that he was being followed for hypertensive cardiovascular disease.  The insurance company denied the claim asserting that if it had known this information at the time that the policyholder applied for insurance it would not have sold him the policy.  The policyholder appealed this decision.  The insurance company once again denied the claim.  The beneficiary then retained our services.  After reviewing the application for insurance and the medical records, we proceeded to interview the policyholder’s primary care physician to get a better understanding of the policyholder’s medical condition at the time that he applied for insurance.  As a result of this interview, we were able to establish that the medical conditions that the insurance company claimed were not disclosed on the application for insurance fell under the umbrella of the policyholder’s high blood pressure disease, which he he had disclosed on the application for insurance.  We used this fact along with the language in the application for insurance that required the policyholder to answer the questions on the application only to the best of his knowledge and belief (and supporting case law) to convince the insurance company to reverse its denial of the claim without the need for litigation.  Our client was very happy with our ability to quickly resolve this matter, which resulted in securing the life insurance benefits, plus interest, which money helped pay off the mortgage on the family home.   

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