Drain Line Insurance Claim Settlement for 105 Times Over Claim Payment

In this insurance claim, the property owner suffered damage to her Miami Springs residence as a result of a plumbing breach in a drain line in 2010.  She promptly reported the claim to her insurance company.  The insurance carrier inspected the home and mailed her a check for a little over $1,000.  We were not hired until March, 2013, years after the loss.  The case had already been in litigation for approximately two years when we became involved.  The client sought our services after she had a breakdown in the relationship with her lawyer and public adjuster over, among other issues, the value of the insurance claim.  The public adjuster had written an estimate of damages to the home for approximately $37,000.  Once hired, we retained our own expert on damages and conducted depositions and discovery.  One week prior to the commencement of trial and less than one year after being retained in the case, we were able to secure a six figure settlement for our client. 

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