$500,000 Settlement for Victim of Miami Bicycle Accident

Our client was on her bicycle heading home from her position at Publix as a dairy stocker making $13.50/hour early in the evening when a sixteen year old teenager hit her while making a left turn in his 6,025 pound Dodge Ram 1500 Pick Up, which truck was owned by his father.  Our client was riding a 30 pound white bicycle with reflectors.  The collision happened at the corner of SW 96 Street and SW 137 Avenue in Miami, Florida.  The intersection had four working street lights (one at each corner of the intersection).  The corner was plenty lit.  Our client is very familiar with the route as she travelled it every day to and from work.  Before entering the intersection to cross SW 96 Street heading South, our client stopped as a result of traffic running East and West on SW 96 street, which logically means that there was a red light for the driver as he was making a left turn from SW 137 Avenue to head East on SW 96 Street.  When the traffic came to a halt, our client proceeded into the intersection.  She was virtually across the intersection when she heard an engine roaring and she was violently struck by the Dodge Ram.  Our client was catapulted onto the grassy parkway.  The driver struck our client with sufficient force to cause two cracks to the front grill of the Dodge Ram.  Our 54 year old client suffered multiple traumas as a result of the crash including a left periorbital bruise, frontal scalp laceration, a contusion on her left hand, fractures of the transverse processes of T12,  L1,  L2,  L3, and L4, multiple rib fractures, she underwent a video assisted thoracic surgery to evacuate a residual blood clot in her lungs, and suffered several scars to the right side of her body including a scar under her right breast.  The insurance carrier for the driver contested liability and the extent of damages.  The case settled for the policy limits after litigation was commenced. 

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