If you think that insurance companies are there to help you, you’re not entirely correct. True, insurance companies do provide help, but often their main goal is to make a profit. Because they are in the business of making money, they’re not interested in giving it away—even if you deserve it.

Insurance companies try to find ways to pay less on claims. They have a tram of attorneys who defend their claims in order to not have to pay the full value of the claim. The longer they can hold onto their money, the better it is for them. It is to the benefit of the insurance carrier to hold onto their money for as long as possible, which contributes to claim delays and hardships for the insured party. 

Therefore, unless someone is working on your behalf—or unless you are actively fighting for the money you’re rightfully owed—the claim will likely sit for a substantial amount of time. Claim delays can eventually turn into a denial of the claim altogether—and not always for a valid reason. 

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