If you're filing a long-term disability insurance claim you may be tempted to handle it yourself....and you certainly can.

But if you are denied, or you're in the appeals process... the situation can be tricky.  Your next move could be the difference between your claim being approved or denied.

So you really are better off talking to a Florida insurance claims lawyer.

A lawyer like J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo-- and here's why:

If your policy is governed under ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, you have the right to appeal a denied claim. 

But when you go to court, you are only allowed to submit the evidence that was presented during the claim and appeals process. 

So if you try to handle your case on your own, there is very little that can be done if you haven't submitted the proper evidence to back up your claims.

Unfortunately, many valid long-term disability insurance claims are still denied at the appeals level, because the right evidence was not submitted.

Since this process can be complex, it's best to work with a Florida insurance claims attorney who can walk you through the appeal and increase your chances of getting your long-term disability insurance benefits.

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J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
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