Once the hurricane passes and you get back to your home, you're going to want to mitigate your damages. And that means you want to do the best you can so that the damages to your home don't get worse. That means, if you have a roof leak you get somebody out there to put a tarp. And I said get somebody out there, I didn't say get on the roof and put a tarp yourself. That's a dangerous activity. But get somebody to go out there and put a tarp on your roof. Make sure you do the best you can so that things don't get worse at your home. 
You're going to want to start documenting the damages. Meaning taking photographs, preserving evidence in the case, hiring the right people, the right estimates. You got to start figuring out, what is my loss? What is the value of my loss? Most average homeowners are not going to be able to do that without professional help. So, my advice would be to retain a qualified experienced insurance claims attorney, who has already the experts, the loss consultants to put together the best package possible for your claim and present same to the insurance company to get you a fair resolution to your claim, as soon as possible. 

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