Have you been injured in an accident and are awaiting news from the insurance company regarding your claim? Or perhaps you submitted a claim for a stolen car, property damage, or long-term disability but are still stuck checking the mail and waiting for the phone to ring. No matter what the reason for the claim, one thing is certain: claim delays are frustrating.

When faced with a claim delay, the first thing you need to do is make sure you aren’t the party responsible. When an insurance company asks you for information in order to investigate or process your claim, try to respond as quickly as possible. Don’t give the insurance company the opportunity to allow your claim to sit.

Most of the time, the reason for a claim delay comes down to the adjustor. Perhaps he has too many cases to handle and isn’t good at managing his time. Or maybe he’s dragging his feet in order to hold onto the insurance company’s money for as long as possible. No matter the reason, you need to stay on top of the adjustor and record all of your communication with him. This record of communication will put additional pressure on the insurer to act properly and attend to your claim in a more expeditious manner.

If you’ve been dealing with a claim that’s going nowhere, it may be time to consult with an experienced insurance claim attorney. 

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