To get fairly compensated for the damages to your contents or your personal property after a hurricane really comes down to documentation, having the ability to show the insurance company what are the contents or personal property at issue. You typically do that with receipts, photographs, pre-loss photographs, receipts from when you purchased the items pre-loss, making sure you prepare estimates that are proper.
You're going to have to put together an inventory list, which the insurance company is going to require. You want to be as accurate as possible on that. You don't want to exaggerate. You don't want to over-inflate. You want to present accurate information to your insurance company.
If you do that, you should be fairly compensated for the damage to your contents or personal property. If the insurance company fails in doing that, then you're going to want to consult with an insurance claims attorney that can negotiate the claim on your behalf and bring a lawsuit against the insurance company, if necessary.

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