No one ever plans to leave the hospital worse off  than when they went in, but it happens.  And when it does,  you need  an attorney with the skills and experience to handle the complexities of a hospital malpractice case. 

So attorney J.P. Gonzalez - Sirgo is reminding us about what's necessary for a hospital malpractice case.

1st is duty- the hospital and the patient must have a relationship. For instance, the patient goes into the hospital to have a medical procedure performed.  The hospital and its nurses and staff have a duty to perform the procedure within the medical standard of care for that procedure.

2nd there must be a breach of duty. An example of a breach of duty would be leaving a sponge inside the patient during surgery, that's a breach of duty.

Next are damages.  The patient must experience permanent harm as a result of the breach of duty.

And finally causation. There must be a direct connection between the breach and  harm. Continuing our hypothetical, if the patient develops an infection that causes heart damage because of the sponge the surgeon left behind-- that's causation.

There is a short statute of limitation for filing a  hospital malpractice case so don't wait- call  attorney J.P. Gonzalez -Sirgo today for a free consultation.

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