Insurance companies are entitled to perform a claims investigation after a loss. To that end the insurance company is within its rights to ask for certain information from you.
Some of that information may feel private or personal, and the insurance company may or may not be entitled to that information. Without knowing the specifics of the request it would be difficult for me to give you a finite answer right now, but if you call my office at 305-461-1095 I'll be happy to look at what they're asking for and give you an opinion.
I always like to say, in an abundance of caution, cooperate as much as you can with the insurance company's investigation, rather than set up roadblocks. But sometimes they overreach and they are really just trying to make requests to harass and to scare people off the claim by asking for private, clearly private or financial information that has no relevance to the claim. 
And if that's happening you need to speak to an attorney so that he can evaluate the situation and give you the proper advice specific to the facts of your case.

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