Trucking Occupational Accident Insurance covers medical, disability, death, and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on the job.  Some insurance companies allow for your coverage to be customized to cover occupational disease, hernia, occupational cumulative trauma, emergency evacuations, and other losses. The benefits offered by occupational accident insurance are similar to workers compensationa benefits but these policies are designed for owner-operators or independent contractors rather than employees. 

It is not uncommon for trucking occupational accident insurance companies to delay, stonewall, lowball or deny claims.

In the face of these insurance company tactics, always obtain a consultation with an experienced insurance claims attorney.

Attorney Gonzalez-Sirgo offers a free consultation and confidential case review. You will be able to discuss your case in detail and review the possible options. There are no fees for the consultation and, in fact, no legal fees at all unless your case is settled or resolved in court.

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