Health insurance is expensive.  But many of us sacrifice in order to purchase health insurance so that we can sleep better at night knowing that if we fall ill, we will be financially covered.  We make this responsible decision in order to protect ourselves but also to protect our family from the crippling effect of unpaid medical bills. 

But what happens when a health insurance company, or HMO, or Medicare Advantage Plan refuses to cover a claim?   

In the U.S., the catastrophic effect of unpaid medical and hospital bills is the number one reason individuals file for bankruptcy.

Regrettably, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny claims for medical treatment.

Claims for medical treatment are routinely denied on the basis that:

  • the condition requiring treatment is a pre-existing condition
  • the treatment sought is experimental in nature
  • the treatment sought is medically unnecessary  

Of course, there are other reasons that a claim may be denied.

However, just because an insurance company denies your claim does not mean that the insurance company is right.

In you are facing an insurance claim denial, please consult with an experienced health insurance claims lawyer.

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