Multiple Sclerosis Patient Fights for Long Term Disability Insurance Payout

Posted on Jul 15, 2009

Recently Good Morning America broke a story on a man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who couldn't get his long term disability coverage approved from his insurer, Standard Insurance Company.  The delay and deny tactics lasted for nearly 6 months.  In the meantime, the insured, Charles Tucker, was unable to work and struggled to support his family.

During the 6 month wait, all Mr. Tucker received from his insurer were notices requesting additional information.  Tired of waiting and concerned about running out of savings, he hired an attorney.

The attorney requested a copy of his file and within the file found a letter from the insurance company's physician basically stating that Mr. Tucker's medical reports did not support the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  This opinion was against the 11 other medical opinions confirming multiple sclerosis Mr. Tucker had previously sought and provided to the insurer. 

After Mr. Tucker's attorney and Good Morning America contacted Standard to inquire about this matter, the claim was finally approved the next day.

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