Fibromyalgia Disability Insurance Claim

Fibromyalgia is a common disorder associated with general pains and aches of the muscles, tendons, soft tissues, as well as muscle stiffness, fatigue and poor sleep.  Cause is currently unknown, but it is believed to be caused by stress, tension, fatigue, depression, and sleep disruption.  

Young or middle-aged women tend to be 7 times more prone to suffering from fibromyalgia than men.  Diagnosis is based on clinical findings.  Fibromyalgia symptoms may disappear and re-appear at frequent intervals. 

Treatment usually includes exercise, massage, stress management, analgesics and drugs to improve sleep.

If you are currently suffering from fibromyalgia and have filed or are considering filing a disability insurance claim, we can help.

The Law Firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A. represents individuals that have had their valid long term disability benefits denied, delayed or terminated irrespective if the policy was purchased individually or issued through an employer group policy.  The firm is available to assist individuals with the initial application process, during the administrative appeals process, termination, litigation in state or federal court, and negotiating a one-time lump sum settlement or buy-out.  Please contact our office to discuss your case in more detail.