When to Contact a Disability Insurance Lawyer

Should I hire a Florida insurance lawyer or handle the long-term disability claim myself?  This question is often asked by people who have become disabled and are looking to collect long-term disability benefits. 

You may be able to represent yourself when it comes to a Florida long-term disability claim, but if your claim is denied or if you are in the appeals process, you should strongly consider talking with a Florida insurance lawyer.  You should also contact a Florida disability insurance attorney if your payments have been delayed or terminated.

Just the process of applying for long-term disability can be overwhelming and it only gets worse if your claim is denied.  If your policy is governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), you do have the right to appeal the denied claim.  One of the tricky aspects of filing an appeal under ERISA, is that when you go to court, you are only allowed to submit the evidence that was brought forward during the claim and appeals process.  The problem that many people have when they try to handle appeals on their own is that there is very little that can be done if they don’t submit the proper evidence to substantiate their claims. 

Unfortunately, many valid long-term disability claims are still denied at the appeals level, because the right evidence was not submitted. Since this process can be complex, it is advisable to work with a Florida insurance attorney who can walk you through the appeal to increase your chance of obtaining your long-term disability benefits. 

If you have been denied long-term disability benefits or if your payments have been delayed or terminated, contact Miami insurance claim lawyer J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo at (305) 461-1095 or  (866) 71-CLAIM, for answers to your legal questions.  The law firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A. is able to help with the entire long-term disability claim process, from the initial application to negotiating a one-time lump sum settlement or buy-out.