Most homeowner's insurance policies provide that you must submit proof of the damage claimed. The most effective way of demonstrating your damages to the insurance company is by documenting the before and after condition of your property. The best way to document all your personal contents and condition of your home is by taking photographs and video of the inside and outside of your home. Make sure you take pictures and video of everything you can, including your roof, garage, attic, inside of closets, basements, etc. Do the same for your personal contents, including your flat screen tv, home appliances, all furniture, etc. Periodically update your photograph and video catalogue as you complete new property improvements and add property contents. Keep all receipts of personal property and home improvements. Ensure you safeguard at least one copy of your personal and video catalogue off site, such as a bank safe deposit box. Planning ahead of time will be the key to proving your losses to the insurance company and providing you some peace of mind during this difficult moment.

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