Florida Statues 626.874, titled "Catastrophe or emergency adjusters," reads as follows:

(1) In the event of a catastrophe or emergency, the department may issue a license, for the purposes and under the conditions which it shall fix and for the period of emergency as it shall determine, to persons who are residents or nonresidents of this state, who are at least 18 years of age, who are United States citizens or legal aliens who possess work authorization from the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, and who are not licensed adjusters under this part but who have been designated and certified to it as qualified to act as adjusters by independent resident adjusters or by an authorized insurer or by a licensed general lines agent to adjust claims, losses, or damages under policies or contracts of insurance issued by such insurers. The fee for the license shall be as provided in s. 624.501(12)(c).

(2) If any person not a licensed adjuster who has been permitted to adjust such losses, claims, or damages under the conditions and circumstances set forth in subsection (1), engages in any of the misconduct described in or contemplated by ss. 626.611 and 626.621, the department, without notice and hearing, shall be authorized to issue its order denying such person the privileges granted under this section; and thereafter it shall be unlawful for any such person to adjust any such losses, claims, or damages in this state.

Catastrophe and emergency adjusters also work for the Insurance Company. Their main responsibility is to protect the interests of the Insurance Company, not your best interests.

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