Will Your Long Term Disability Insurance Company Investigate You?

If you have a pending claim with your long term disability insurance company you can count on the insurance company performing an investigation into your life.

Long term disability insurance companies can suspend or terminate disability insurance benefits after conducting surveillance.  Other reasons that long term disability insurance companies use to take you off of disability insurance benefits include:

  • You have discontinued medical therapy or treatment
  • You are working another job
  • You own and operate a business
  • You are not "totally" disabled anymore
  • The doctor hired by your long term disability insurance company believes that you can return to work

Long term disability insurance companies will conduct investigations into your life.  They will "Google" your name and search your social media activity.  Investigators will also search public records, including corporate records and business and professional licenses you may have.  Investigators may also follow you and interview you and/or your friends and colleagues.

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