Due to Florida's humid climate, mold can grow and cause many adverse affects. Mold can grow and multiply whenever conditions are right such as where sufficient moisture is available and organic material is present. Be on the lookout in your home for sources of indoor moisture that may lead to mold growth.

Moisture control is the key, inspect your home regularly for indications of potential water leaks and establish a maintenance schedule to check the following regularly:

WATER HEATERS - Check for rust and deterioration. Make sure drain lines are not clogged. Drain and clean as recommended by the manufacturer.

A/C DRAIN LINES - Drain lines can become clogged and cause overflow from the drip pan. Periodically check the drip pan and service it annually.

APPLIANCE HOSES - Regularly inspect hoses and fittings on washing machines, ice makers and dishwashers, and replace washing machine hoses every two years.

SHOWERS, TUBS, SINKS AND TOILETS - Check for a watertight seal around all bathroom fixtures. Reseal as needed.

VISIBLE PIPING - Routinely check piping under cabinets and sinks for leaks, rust and evidence of deterioration.

WASTE/GARBAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS - Routinely check for leaks.

CAULKING AROUND WINDOWS AND DOORS - Keep a continuous bead of caulk or weather proofing to seal the interior from the weather. Reseal as needed.

ATTICS AND CEILINGS - Routinely check for wet insulation and water stains.

WALLPAPER - Routinely check for bubbling, peeling or stains.

ROOFS - Keep roofs free of debris. Promptly repair any damage and seal cracks or replace flashing around chimneys, skylights and vents.

LANDSCAPE - Yards should slope away from the house to prevent puddles near the foundation.

SPRINKLERS AND IRRIGATION SYSTEMS - Do not allow sprinklers to soak the exterior of your home.

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