Insurance companies love collecting premiums.  And they love increasing premiums even more.  A recent article in the SunSentinel titled "Insurers Widening Lists of Things They Won't Cover" will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Two take aways from reading the article:

1. Your homeowner's insurance policy may not be worth the paper it is written on as it may soon cover almost nothing.

2. Please disregard the following quote in the article regarding answering questions on the application for insurance:

"If you signed the application and made sure all the answers are correct to the best of your knowledge, you're going to be in good shape," ... "It's the insurance company's responsibility to find out if you are ineligible, through the questions they ask on your application."

Insurance companies will disagree with the above statement in its entirety and will deny your claim if the application for insurance contains any material misrepresentations.  The better advice is to make certain that all of your answers on the application for insurance are actually correct.  In the vast majority of claims in Florida, if your answer is incorrect the insurance company will not care that you answered it to the "best of your knowledge".  The insurance company will claim that the incorrect answer was material to the acceptance of the risk and will deny your claim. 

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