It is not uncommon for long-term disability insurance claims to be denied.  If you have applied for long-term disability insurance benefits and your claim has been denied by the insurance company, the first step is to get the insurance company's basis for the denial in writing.  Usually, the basis for denial can be found in the denial letter issued by the insurance company.  In many cases, these denials can be succesfully challenged by the insured's lawyer.

Long-term disability insurance is generally offered through an employer and provides benefits for an employee who meets the definition of disability in the policy.  These policies can also be purchased by individials directly from disability insurance companies or through an insurance agent.  The benefits are meant to replace a portion of the lost income suffered by the insured due to the disability.  The payments under the insurance policy can continue for many years if the insured meets the definition of "disability" under the subject insurance policy.  For this reason, insurance companies closely scrutinize these claims.

Denials of long-term disability insurance claims can be based on a number of reasons.  But the most common reason for denial claimed by insurance companies is that the insured does not meet the definintion of "disabled" under the policy.  The insured will neet to prove by way of medical evidence, medical experts, vocational experts, and other witnesses that he or she is disabled pursuant to the insurance policy's definition of "disabled".  Of course, there are a host of other reasons why an insurance claim can be denied.   An experienced long-term disability insurance claims attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove your disability claim under the specific language of your insurance policy.  

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