Where Do You Start With Your Long Term Disability Insurance Claim?

J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
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Where Do You Start With Your Long Term Disability Insurance Claim? With your medical records.

Most policyholders recognize that insurance companies are in business to make money.  Unfortunately, the path to profits is often paved with denials, delays and challenges to legitimate claims.  Despite the financial incentives that motivate insurance companies to fight disability insurance benefits, most people presume an insurance carrier will act reasonably in processing a claim if the policyholder has fulfilled his or her obligations to make premium payments.  No matter how reasonable this expectation, it is just plain wrong much of the time.

This year 3,000,000 people will submit claims for disability insurance benefits, half of these claimants will have their claim denied.  Once you file your disability insurance claim, your insurance company begins calculating a predetermined statistical period within which you should be back at work based on your injury or illness.  This formula is a standard response to terminate payments as soon as possible.

It is important that you or someone on your behalf work with your treating physicians, so that your medical records are complete and accurate.  A disability insurance claim will not be successful without appropriate findings and support from your treating doctors.  The medical records must document and certify that you have limitations and restrictions that prevent you from continuing in your current job or any job.  Because physicians are extremely busy, they often create medical records that are not sufficiently detailed to support a patient’s claim.  It is critical that you or someone on your behalf evaluate your medical records and coordinate with your treating physician to ensure that the records are sufficient to satisfy potential objections by the insurance disability company.

Even if your disability insurance claim has been approved, insurance companies carefully monitor claims on a monthly basis.  These reviews often lead to requests for a broad range of evidence including tax returns, medical records, financial documents and more.  The insurance company will have employees pour over this information looking for contradictions or missing information to justify terminating your disability insurance benefits.  Some claimants have their disability insurance benefits terminated simply because they are confused about what they must do or abstain from doing.  

Often the most critical aspect of a disability insurance claim involves the information provided when an initial application for disability insurance is submitted. The application must be accompanied by whatever information supports your claim, including medically supported information.  This information needs to be accurate and complete or the insurance company may use it to justify denying your claim for disability benefits.

It is never too early to get professional help with your claim. 

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