It is not uncommon for an individual whose long term disability insurance benefits have been wrongfully denied, terminated, or delayed to attempt to personally resolve the matter on their own.  But, when these efforts are exhausted, some simply choose to "give up."  This is exactly what long term disability insurance companies want!       

Long term disability insurance policies issued through an employer group plan are governed by a law known as ERISA (Employer Retirement Income Security Act), a complicated federal law enacted in 1974.  Individual policies are governed by state law, including insurance bad faith laws, which can further complicate matters.  

Don't give up and make certain that you consult with an experienced long term disability insurance claims lawyer when your claim hits a roadblock.   

The Law Firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A. represents individuals that have had their valid long term disability benefits denied, delayed, or terminated.

You can reach Long Term Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo by dialing his direct number at (786) 272-5841, calling the main office at (305) 461-1095, or Toll Free at 1 (866) 71-CLAIM or email J.P. directly at [email protected].

J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A.
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