Most homeowners never give much thought to the threat that their home might be damaged by lightning.  How many times have your heard the statement, “The odds of being struck by lightning are greater” than some other risk.  This cavalier attitude toward the risk of a home being damaged by lightning flies in the face of statistical evidence.  Lightning is the hazard at issue in 300,000 insurance claims annually throughout the United States.  These claims result in approximately $400 million in property damage.  If you are a homeowner in Miami or anywhere in Florida, the risk of your home being damaged by lightning is greater than in any other state because of the frequency of storms in Florida.  Our state experiences twelve lightning strikes per square mile each year.

Lightning can cause damage to your home via a direct lightning strike to your residence, or a strike to a tree that causes a falling limb to damage your home.  A homeowner also can experience property damage that results from loss of electrical power or fire caused by lightning.  Fortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover lightning damage, which includes fires started by lightning.

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