Do Not Be a “Chatty Cathy: While you may have opinions about the cause of the crash and observations about physical evidence, conversations with the other driver and/or his insurance carrier is usually ill-advised.  A motorist’s perception also tends to be adversely affected by chaos and stress associated with a collision.  This may result in giving erroneous time and distance estimates that allow an insurer to claim that you had sufficient time to stop prior to the collision, or avoid a collision altogether, but that you failed to do so.  The information you provide will be used by the other driver's insurance company to support a claim against you or to reduce the amount of a damage award.  Generally, you should stick to providing facts about which you are certain rather than guessing or speculating or providing opinions.

Never Admit Fault: The shock, pain, and stress of a vehicle crash can mean that a motorist is overcome by feelings of guilt and anxiety.  Sometimes these emotions will motivate a person to blurt out “I’m sorry” or “It is all my fault!”  These types of statements may be used by an insurance company to make a low-ball settlement.

Don't Sign Anything:  This is particularly true if you are being asked to sign a written statement or a release.  Make sure you consult with an attorney before signing anything.

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