“Overhead and profit” is a term used in property insurance claims that refers to those contractor expenses that go to cover the contractor's operating expenses and profit.   

In Juvonen v. United Prop. and Cas. Ins. Co., a Florida appellate court held that the insurer was required to include overhead and profit in pre-repair payment if homeowners were reasonably likely to need a contractor to fix their property damage. The court came to this decision by citing the requirements set forth in § 627.7011. 

Another similar Florida case is Trinidad v. Florida Peninsula Ins. Co.. The holding in this case also concluded that overhead and profit is included in the replacement cost of a covered loss when the insured will likely have to hire a general contractor. 

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- § 627.7011

-Juvonen v. United Prop. and Cas. Ins. Co., 124 So.3d 976 (4th DCA 2013)

-Trinidad v. Florida Peninsula Ins. Co., 121 So.3d 433 (S.C. 2013)

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