Contractual law defines a condition precedent as “an act or event other than a lapse of time, that must occur before a binding contract will arise”. These condition precedents can apply to both the formation of a contract or the manifestation of a promised performance within the contract. Land Co. of Osceola County, LLC v. Genesis Concepts, Inc., 169 So.3d 243 (4th DCA 2015). In other words, a condition precedent can be seen as a pre-requisite to triggering coverage for your insurance claim. Failure to meet certain condition precedents in the first place may make the insurance company not contractually bound despite having agreed to insure the policyholder.

The conditions precedent that you may be subject to are found in your particular insurance policy.  However, there are many common conditions that one can expect to find in most policies in general. These conditions to coverage will vary depending on your insurance policy. Failure to meet these conditions can result in the forfeiture of your coverage.

It is critical to read your policy and to identify those conditions applicable to your claim and to strictly comply with those conditions. 

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