Have you ever considered what happens to a car after it becomes stolen in Florida? Numerous communities across the nation are battling all types of crime issues such as drugs, gangs and violent attacks. However, a major concern for Floridians is auto theft. 

Many people across Florida become victims of auto theft whether it's a sedan, sport utility vehicle, pickup truck or motorcycle that has been stolen. So, where do these stolen cars go? 

According to many experts, a good portion of these cars end up in Mexico or Latin America, where they are resold or dismantled for parts. There appears to be a huge resale market and criminals are profiting from American car owners. 

A recent search discovered that over 3,000 cars stolen from certain U.S. cities, including Miami, were found in Guatemala. As a result, many Latin American police attended the fourth annual Transborder Conference to discuss ways to deal with this epidemic. The conference explored ways to use technology to battle auto theft. 

General Motors sent an OnStar delegate to provide police with a demonstration of the "Stolen Vehicle Slow Down" service. Through the use of this service, police have the means to stop a stolen car that may be as much as 2000 miles away.

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