If you are frustrated with your insurance company because it appears to be significantly undervaluing the loss you suffered to your home from fire, hurricane, plumbing problems or other perils, a public adjuster can sometimes be a valuable asset in settling your claim.  However, there are a fair number of situations where the cost of a public adjuster might not be justified, such as a situation where the loss might only exceed your deductible by a relatively small amount.  Sometimes we speak to an insured who assumes that an “independent” adjuster sent by the insurance company is the same as a public adjuster.  In reality, a so-called “independent adjuster” sent by your insurance company might be just as inclined to reach biased conclusions about the cause of the damage and the amount of your loss as an adjuster who is an employee of the insurance company. 

Why do I need a public adjuster if the insurance company says they are sending an independent adjuster?

Although insurance companies often use adjusters that are not employees of the insurance company, this does not mean that these adjusters are objective in their appraisal.  Adjusters that do substantial amounts of work for insurance carriers have a financial incentive to produce a report that benefits the insurance company.  If an adjuster’s appraisals generally benefit the insured, the adjuster might soon find that he or she is no longer being used by insurance companies because the adjuster is exercising too much independence.  A public adjuster, by contrast, is your advocate in the process, so the adjuster is not beholden to your insurance company.

How do I locate a qualified public insurance adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters are subject to state regulation and licensing requirements in most jurisdiction.  However, you can always contact the state insurance department to obtain information about a public adjuster.  There are also organizations like the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters that can provide names of qualified public adjusters.

Are there certain types of claims that my public insurance adjuster can help me resolve?

If you are pursuing a claim for damage caused by perils like vandalism, burst pipes, hurricanes, fire or similar hazards, licensed public adjusters generally will be able to assist you.

Should I hire a public adjuster immediately or wait until I determine I need assistance dealing with my insurance company?

While the maximum fee rate that a public insurance adjuster can charge is typically set by the insurance department in each state, the industry standard is about 10-20 percent.  This cost means that some might want to take a wait and see approach.  However, in our experience, the sooner you hire a claims professional the more that the professional can do to help you.

What services will I receive if I decide to incur the expense of a public adjuster?

The public adjuster will be your advocate in dealing with your insurance company to settle your claim.  The adjuster can evaluate the damages, prepare an estimate of the cost of repairs, file your claim and negotiate with your insurance company to settle the claim.  A public adjuster, however, is not an attorney and cannot engage in the practice of law or give legal advice.

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