A Tragic Accident and Demand for Payment

Georgia, 2012. Having stopped her car at a stop sign, student Daniella Barry pulls out from a stop sign-controlled intersection in front of Butts County Sheriff’s Deputy Linton Reeves. Reeves is riding a motorcycle; his wife is on the back of the bike. Reeves sees Barry’s car and swerves in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid colliding with her vehicle. The maneuver causes Reeves and his wife to be thrown from the bike. Both Reeves and his wife suffer injuries.  Reeves suffers several broken ribs and other injuries that leaves him unable to work.

Barry received a traffic citation for failing to yield to Reeves vehicle.  She also admitted that she was negligent in causing the accident. Following this, Reeves demanded that Barry’s insurance company, Allstate, pay the $100,000.  Allstate declined to comply with this demand.

Reeves’ Situation Worsens

Following the denial of his initial demand to Allstate, Reeves required additional medical treatment, including two surgeries. He would eventually accumulate over $200,000 in medical bills and lost income (a total of $203,000 was incurred for medical expenses alone). When Allstate later offers Reeves $200,000 to settle the case, Reeves declined. The case then proceeds to trial.

The Georgia Jury’s Verdict

The case proceeded to trial where a Georgia jury awarded Reeves over $400,000 in compensation and awarded his wife over $2,000 in compensation.  

When is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim Lawsuit “Successful”?

The primary purpose of a bad faith insurance claim lawsuit, whether brought in Georgia, Florida, or any other state, is to recover the damages and losses sustained because of an insurance company’s “bad faith” refusal to settle a legitimate claim. 

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