Intravenous (IV) therapy is a common and essential part of medical treatment in hospitals, but it can sometimes lead to injuries or complications. The development of intravenous-related injuries while hospitalized can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Infiltration and Extravasation: This occurs when the IV fluid or medication accidentally enters the surrounding tissue instead of the vein. Infiltration is generally caused by the IV catheter slipping out of the vein, whereas extravasation specifically refers to the leakage of a vesicant drug, which can cause tissue damage.

  2. Phlebitis: This is the inflammation of a vein, often caused by irritation from the IV catheter or the medication being administered. Phlebitis can be painful and may require the repositioning of the IV catheter.

  3. Infection: IV lines can introduce bacteria or other pathogens into the bloodstream, leading to infections. Strict adherence to aseptic techniques during IV insertion and maintenance is crucial to prevent this.

  4. Thrombophlebitis: This is a condition where a blood clot forms in the vein where the IV is placed, causing inflammation. It can be due to irritation from the IV catheter or the medication, prolonged use of the same vein, or certain medical conditions that increase clotting risk.

  5. Air Embolism: Although rare, air can enter the bloodstream through the IV line, potentially causing an air embolism. This can happen if the IV system is not properly primed or if there are loose connections.

  6. Mechanical Trauma: Repeated insertion of IV catheters can cause trauma to the veins, leading to scarring and narrowing.

  7. Patient Factors: Certain patient conditions, such as poor vein quality, obesity, dehydration, or having a history of IV drug use, can increase the risk of IV-related injuries.

To minimize these risks, healthcare providers follow protocols for IV insertion, maintenance, and monitoring. This includes choosing the appropriate catheter size, changing IV sites regularly, and monitoring for signs of complications.

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