Homeowners insurance claims can mean the difference between significant property damage amounting to a temporary inconvenience and financial devastation.  Although you should be able to rely on your coverage if you have paid your premiums and fulfilled post-loss duties under the policy, insurance companies generate staggering profits by denying or minimizing payouts on legitimate claims.

Many policyholders abandon their claim when they receive a letter indicating that the claim is not covered.  While it can be difficult to take on an insurance company staffed with attorneys, claims adjusters, and experts set on stonewalling your claim, the task can be much more effective when you have legal representation.  Sometimes policyholders do not retain the services of an experienced insurance claims attorney because they do not realize the benefits that competent legal representation can provide.  Some of the advantages that an experienced insurance claims attorney can offer include the following:

  • Documentation of the insurance claim
  • Careful review and analysis of your insurance policy
  • Assistance in compiling an inventory of damaged property
  • Negotiating the best possible settlement with your insurance company
  • Arranging for photo or video evidence to be developed
  • Coordinating with and retaining experts like contractors, roofers, plumbers, and forensic engineers
  • Providing assistance in submitting a fully supported and documented claim to your insurer
  • Obtaining and submitting detailed repair estimates
  • Seeking appraisals for personal property (jewelry, art, rare coins, etc.)

Homeowners expect that when they suffer damage to their home in the form of structural damage, storm damage, fire damage, or catastrophic damage, the damage will be covered by their insurance company.  Insurance companies often hide behind ambiguous policy language to promote their own financial interests.

When your insurance company fails to live up to its duties under the policy, you have the right to challenge the insurance company’s decision.  This challenge is more likely to be successful when you have the benefit of experienced legal counsel.

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