According to an article posted on Wall Street Journal's website, a few months ago a group of scientists published a study that suggested that the XMRV virus could be associated with numerous chronic fatigue syndrome cases.  These scientists drew a lot of attention for their research findings. 

When the study was originally published, the reporters at The Wall Street Journal didn't feel that it clearly established a link between the virus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Recently, a different group of scientists, from the United Kingdom, published research findings from 186 patients suffering from this condition and did not find any signs of the XMRV virus. 

The discrepancy between the two studies is a cause for concern, because there currently is no test that identifies chronic fatigue syndrome.  This condition is diagnosed solely on symptoms.  According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the symptoms includes six months or longer of debilitating fatigue. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be an incapacitating ailment.  If you have been diagnosed with this condition and cannot work, you may be eligible for disability insurance benefits. 

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