Top 4 Things You Need to Do to File a Life Insurance Claim in Florida

J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo
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Filing a life insurance claim is usually one of the last things on your mind after a loved one dies.  A life insurance settlement can help relieve financial burdens caused by medical expenses, funeral costs and a drop in income.  That is why it is important to take the time to properly file a life insurance claim.  Below are the top four activities you need to do to get the life insurance claim filed.

Review the life insurance policy. By reviewing the life insurance policy, you can find out what you are entitled to and will have the necessary contact information to initiate the claim process.  If you cannot locate the policy, but know the name of the insurance company, then contact the insurer to find out the details of the coverage.

Call the insurance agent or insurance company.  Your insurance agent should be able to tell you what paperwork is required and can provide helpful information on how to file the claim.  If you do not know the name of the agent, you can contact the life insurance company to obtain the necessary information regarding filing a claim.

Complete the claim form and required paperwork.   Each adult beneficiary is usually required to fill out a proof of death form and submit a certified copy of the death certificate.  The insurance agent should be able to obtain the necessary forms that you will be required to complete.  A death certificate is generally provided by the funeral director.  Occasionally, the life insurance company will also want to see a copy of the marriage license, if applicable.  All of the forms and supporting documents should be forwarded to the life insurance company.

It does not take long for the life insurance company to review the claim.  However, a delay can occur if the life insurance company refuses to honor the policy for reasons such as, material misrepresentation or fraud or if some of the supporting documents were missing.  If your life insurance claim is denied, you should contact a Florida life insurance claims attorney, such as J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, immediately.

Choose a payment option.  The insured person may have already chosen a payment plan and details will be given when you file the claim.  If a payment option was not elected, then you get to choose how you would like to receive the settlement.  Settlements are commonly paid in the form of a lump sum, interest income or regular payments.  Talk with your life insurance agent to decide which payment option will be best for you.

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