The story of retired NYPD Sergeant Michael Kull, who was a 9/11 first responder, provides a compelling example of the difficulty often faced in securing disability benefits. When Mr. Kull sought long-term disability benefits, Kull was subjected to wrongful accusations that he was committing disability fraud.  While he would ultimately be cleared of these charges, his disability benefit payments were terminated until the fraud claim was resolved.  This first responder who should have been lauded as a hero for his actions following 9/11 had to fight an uphill battle to obtain the benefits he was rightfully entitled to receive.

Kull suffered multiple PTSD-related medical conditions following his removal of victims and cleanup of debris from the wreckage of the collapsed World Trade Center.  He witnessed the planes collide with the building and watched the building collapse.  While rendering assistance to victims, he inhaled substantial amounts of chemicals, dust and other impurities.  His prolonged periods rendering assistance resulted in him suffering prolonged respiratory exposure to these harmful substances.

Instead of paying this heroic public servant disability benefits as requested, the government proceeded to allege a wide-ranging disability fraud scheme against Kull.  Kull was named among 105 people that were accused of participation in the fraud.  However, Kull was able to establish that he was entitled to benefits by producing medical records documenting his disability and right to benefits.  Even after Kull was exonerated, he was given the run around while his disability claim was repeatedly denied for specious reasons.  He was eventually able to get his disability benefits reinstated with the assistance of an elected Assemblyman.

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