The American Association of Justice released a list of the top 10 worst insurance companies in the United States. 

Topping the list is Allstate.  While Allstate's TV commercials say "Your in Good Hands with Allstate" the grim reality is that instead you are often in a "Boxing Ring" with Allstate when it comes to paying your insurance claims. 

The whole list includes:

  • 1. Allstate;
  • 2. Unum (for denying claims contrary to doctors' evaluations);
  • 3. AIG (for engaging in "massive corporate fraud and claims abuses");
  • 4. State Farm (for denying and delaying Katrina claims);
  • 5. Conseco (for hardball tactics with long term health care claims);
  • 6. WellPoint (for routinely canceling policies of pregnant women and the chronically ill);
  • 7. Farmers Insurance Group (for rewarding adjusters who meet low claims payment goals);
  • 8. UnitedHealth (for compromising patient health by denying or delaying physician reimbursement);
  • 9. Torchmark (for preying on low income Southern residents and discriminating against minorities on burial policies); and
  • 10. Liberty Mutual (for hiring a consultant to train adjusters to adopt aggressive practices).

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