Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and similar online destinations have become a way for people of all ages to connect with friends and loved ones.  While social media pages might once have been a communication tool primarily used by teenagers, people from all age groups now spend a fair amount of time using this mode of communication to inform and to keep informed about the activities and lives of family, friends, and colleagues.  Given the widespread use of this method of communicating with others, there is a common tendency of policyholders to post information potentially relevant to their insurance claims.  Many people never anticipate that rather innocuous photos, status updates, or posts will be used by an insurance company to delay, deny or lowball the payout on a claim.

The practice of scrutinizing social media websites has become a standard practice for insurance companies when investigating insurance claims.  Insurance investigators troll these online pages in a variety of ways that include reviewing posted information and pictures as well as engaging in anonymous messaging.  While many people assume that secured areas of their social media page are off limits to nosey insurance companies, judges are increasingly ordering plaintiffs in lawsuits to provide login credentials to insurance carriers.  An insured should never assume that information in so-called secured regions of social media pages can be kept from an insurance company when a claim is filed. 

If you have a pending claim the best practice is to stay off social media sites.  

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