Six Important Questions about Florida Homeowners Insurance

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While most homeowners recognize that homeowners insurance can provide indispensable financial security, this leaves lots of room for unanswered questions in the dozens of pages that comprise an insurance policy.  The voluminous nature of insurance policies and their convoluted language make the multitude of exclusions, limits, and conditions extremely difficult to comprehend.  Many homeowners only learn about the details of their policy when their claim is denied after a hurricane or other catastrophe.  Because homeowners insurance can mean the difference between protection of your financial security and financial devastation, this blog provides answers to six common questions about homeowners coverage and claims.

What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides coverage in the event your home and/or its contents are damaged by fire, wind, theft or other types of covered perils.  If you are sued by someone in a civil lawsuit by someone who suffers injury, your homeowners insurance may also provide liability coverage.  Homeowners who have a mortgage or deed in trust will be required by the lender to maintain homeowners insurance.

How do I appeal my homeowners insurance company’s decision to deny my claim?

A Florida homeowners policy may provide an option to appeal a denial along with various alternate dispute resolution (ADR) options.  However, the policy will typically impose specific time limits, so you need to review your policy carefully to ensure compliance with all conditions and deadlines.  If you want to make your appeal more effective, you should keep all correspondence with the insurance company.  The denial should be in writing and provide a specific reason for the adverse decision based on the language of the policy.  The response you provide can include a requested resolution, such as appraisal regarding the value of your loss.  If you have questions about appealing a denial or you continue to run into roadblocks with your insurance company, you might want to speak to an experienced Miami homeowners insurance claims lawyer.

Will the cost to repair or replace my vehicle be paid if it is damaged by a covered peril?

Generally, your vehicles will not be covered under your homeowners policy, but they might be covered under your auto policy.

Does my homeowners policy cover all of the personal property inside my home?

While your homeowners policy will cover most of the possessions inside your home, the policy will exclude or limit coverage in terms of certain types of items.  Examples of items that might not be covered or that might be subject to certain limits include coin collections, jewelry and antiques.  If you have expensive items within the home of this nature, you should carefully review your policy for provisions that exclude or limit the amount of coverage.  Policyholders can typically purchase additional coverage to circumvent such limits or exclusions.

Does the law require that I carry homeowners insurance?

As a matter of law, states vary in terms of requiring residents to carry homeowner insurance.  However, homeowners who are financing their home will be required by the lender to maintain homeowners insurance.

What types of perils are covered by my homeowners insurance?

Your homeowners policy will cover perils like fire, wind, smoke, hail, theft, vandalism and other perils.  If you are unsure whether the damage to your home was caused by a covered peril, you should contact a Florida insurance attorney.  

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