Any time water is allowed to stand in your home for any period of time because of a broken appliance, plumbing failure, hurricane, or other water type loss, there is a high probability of missed damage if you do not have an insurance professional watching out for your interests.  The hidden damage will likely require more extensive repairs than what an insurance company adjuster will estimate.

A water stain on the ceiling, for example, might indicate moisture behind the drywall that can develop into serious mold, spore and mildew issues.  If the issue is not remedied, the central air conditioning system can cause the spores to infiltrate the duct system. The insurance company may paint the baseboards when repairing water damage.  If the peril caused release of enough water to stain the baseboards, the probability is extremely high that water also penetrated the areas behind the wall.  If the insurance company simply authorizes painting the baseboards, this might do little more than mask significant environmental hazards in the cavity behind the wall.  If the problem is serious enough that spraying chemicals through an opening in the wall is not sufficient to eradicate the problem, the sheetrock needs to be removed along the lower portion of the walls to implement more extensive corrective measures.  When the sheetrock is replaced the texturing of the entire wall should be sanded down and replaced to avoid an obvious seam where the wall was patched.

If you have suffered water damage to your home, make certain to have a professional on your side evaluate the damages as there is likely to exist hidden damage.

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