Most of us already know that cholesterol and trans fat are not good for the diet and can lead to health problems, but now there is something else to be concerned about - your salt intake.  According to a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Stanford University and Columbia University, even a modest reduction in daily salt consumption can result in tremendous health benefits. 

The authors of this recent health study noted an annual drop of nearly 120,000 heart disease cases, 66,000 stroke cases and 99,000 heart attacks, all caused by high blood pressure.  This drop was the result of reducing sodium by 3 grams per day. 

Lead author, Dr. Kirsten, stated that, "everyone in the U.S. is consuming salt far in excess of what is good for them.  What we are suggesting is that a population-wide effort to reduce salt intake even slightly will have health benefits." 

The research team used computers to analyze the impact of reducing sodium by 3 grams per day had on instances of heart disease and death.  They learned that by cutting back on sodium, the benefits were as good as reducing tobacco use by half, lowering one's body mass index by 5 percent or taking medication to lower cholesterol. 

Researchers also looked into the cost savings from the amount of disease that would be prevented due to lower blood pressure.  They found that by reducing salt intake, the United States could save anywhere from $10 billion to $24 billion every year in health care expenses. 

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