In Nawaz v. Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company the court ruled that under the language of the insurance policy at issue the insured's public adjuster was not prohibited from being present during the insured's examination under oath.  In this case, the insured filed an insurance claim for wind damage.  The insurance company requested that the insured sit for an examination under oath.  The insured complied and showed up with his public adjuster.  The insurance company objected to proceeding with the examination under oath in the presence of the public adjuster and when the insured refused to proceed without his public adjuster being present the insurance company denied the insurance claim and sued its insured.  The court reasoned that the insurance policy required that the insured submit to an examination under oath outside the presence of any other "insureds" and that a public adjuster is not an "insured".  However, a public adjuster cannot provide legal advise or enage in the practice of law.  And, of course, you always have to review the language of the policy.  Under different policy language the outcome of this court's opinion would have likely been different.  The better practice is for the insured to be represented by an experienced insurance claims lawyer at the examination under oath.

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