Some of the sharp practices used by insurance companies to deny or minimize the payout on valid claims are:

  • Using Confusing Terminology and Contract Provisions: Insurance policies are confusing, difficult to understand, and dense.  While many states have enacted laws that mandate consumer contracts be written in plain language, insurance policies are very difficult to read and understand.  This is likely no accident.
  • Lowballing Claims: Insurance companies make lowball payments in hopes that the insured will take the money rather than fight.   
  • Stalling Claims: Insurance companies know that stalling the payment of a claim or delaying the claims process will frustrate many policyholders into giving up and accepting a lowball settlement or abandoning the claim entirely.  
  • Baseless Denial of Claims: Insurance company practice of sending long and convoluted denial letters designed to mislead the insured into believing that the claim is not covered, when it is covered.

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