When an insured receives a denial letter regarding his or her medical insurance claim, the specter of incurring enormous personal expenses can be extremely concerning.  Medical costs have skyrocketed, so a hospital stay along with diagnostic procedures and treatment can be staggering in cost.  If your health insurer denies your claim, the stress associated with financial hardships can exacerbate your health issues.  When your legitimate health insurance claim is denied based on bad faith practices, it is critical that you speak with an experienced insurance lawyer.

Under Fla. Stat. Section 624.603, “health insurance” is defined as insurance that covers people against disablement, bodily injury or death by accident or accidental means.  Health insurance also provides coverage for costs incurred from sickness or injury.  Obamacare narrowed the scope of reasons for which an insurer can deny coverage by eliminating the pre-existing condition basis for denying coverage.

Insurance companies often rely on a plethora of reasons to deny legitimate claims.  The insurer might base such a denial on an alleged inaccurate statement or non-disclosure on the application for the purchase of insurance.  Similarly, the insurer may contend that the medical procedure is not medically necessary or that the procedure is cosmetic or elective in nature or that the procedure is excluded by language in the policy.  When these types of disputes arise, policyholders should speak to an experienced health insurance claims attorney.

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