The Insurance Company Is Not Going to Provide Significant Assistance.  The claims adjuster assigned to your claim by the long term disability insurance company is not there to assist you in qualifying for benefits.  The adjuster will process the claim but will not provide advice that will assist you in qualifying for benefits.  It will be likelier that the adjuster will be investigating your claim to find a basis to deny the claim.    

Beware of Your Employer’s Potential Ulterior Motives.  The same holds true for your employer.  Employees often turn to the HR department for help with their claim.  Most HR personnell are not qualified or motivated to give advice to asssit employees in qualifying for long term disability insurance benefits.

Claim Reviewers Goading Claimants Into Filing Inadequately Supported Appeals.  Many claims adjusters are affable people who genuinely seem friendly and helpful.  However, the claim adjuster is not your friend!  This is so important it bears repeating: THE CLAIMS ADJUSTER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!  If you have a claim under a long term disability insurance policy provided under a group plan offered by a private employer you will likely need to file an appeal of a claim denial.  Don't let yourself be goaded by a claims adjuster into filing an inadequate appeal.

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