More Questions Florida Homeowners Have about Insurance Claims [Part II]

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This is the second installment of our two-part blog that answers some of the questions we receive from homeowners who contact our office about their rights and remedies.  If you have specific questions about your situation after reading this blog post, we invite you to call the Law Firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A.

What should I do if representatives of contractors come to my door offering to repair my home and manage the claims process?

This scenario is a recent development because contractors and sales representatives increasingly appear at the doors of property owners following a disaster.  These opportunists claim that they are qualified to analyze complex insurance claims issues and negotiate the claims process with your insurance company.  These individuals are not licensed to handle insurance claims in any jurisdiction.  While a Florida insurance claims lawyer will seek the maximum recovery for your claim, these types of contractors or sales people do not necessarily have your best interest in mind.

Can my insurance claims attorney assist in obtaining funds to cover temporary displacement while my home is repaired?

If you are forced to move into a hotel while your home is repaired, there are many additional costs that might be incurred.  While the cost of the hotel is one obvious expense, you might also incur additional expenses for dining out, transportation for a longer commute and other related expenses that would not have been incurred without the damage to your home.  Our law firm can help you negotiate with your insurance company to obtain “Additional Living Expenses” (ALE) to cover the additional costs associated with being relocated from your home.

How do I determine when to have my homeowners insurance policy re-reviewed?

There are many circumstances that merit reviewing your homeowners policy.  When you make upgrades or renovations like adding a second story to your home, you might want to increase your policy limits. Similarly, installation of a trampoline or swimming pool might merit increasing your liability coverage.  When you purchase personal property with substantial monetary value like jewelry or rare art, you might want to review your coverage to determine if you need supplemental coverage for these high ticket items.  Many policies limit coverage for these types of items unless an insured purchases an endorsement.  Alternatively, you might want to review your policy every 6-12 months to determine if you need to make any adjustments.  Some changes can even merit a reduction in your insurance premium.  If you have an alarm system installed, for example, this might reduce your insurance premium.

Am I required to hire an attorney if I need to sue my insurance company for failing to pay my claim?

Technically, you are not required to retain an attorney to pursue a breach of contract and/or insurance bad faith claim against your insurance company, but you are not likely to have success without one.  Insurance contract disputes often turn on sophisticated legal issues involving convoluted terminology in an insurance contract.  The insurance company will have teams of attorneys and experts working to protect the insurance company’s financial interests.  The cost and complexity of civil litigation can be daunting without a Miami experienced insurance claims attorney.  

If you have questions about Florida insurance claims, you are welcome to contact my Florida insurance claims dispute law firm.  My law firm represents policyholders in claims disputes in Miami and throughout Florida.  The Law Firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A. offers free consultations and case evaluations.  No Recovery, No Lawyer Fees.  Call 305-461-1095 or Toll Free 1-866-71-CLAIM.

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