The process of filing a homeowners insurance claim can be complicated and frustrating if your insurance company elects to deny, delay, or underpay your claim.  The aggravation and stress associated with your insurance company’s lack of cooperation will only increase the anxiety you experience because your home is damaged.  This stress is magnified if you are displaced from your home until repairs are completed.  This blog provides more answers to frequently asked questions about homeowners claims in Florida.

What are your options if your insurance company disputes your claim regarding the items that you believe need to be replaced?

An option is to retain an experienced insurance claims attorney that understands the types of evidence that must be presented to prove which items have been damaged or destroyed. 

Why do you need an experienced insurance coverage lawyer if an "Independent Adjuster" is currently investigating your claim?

The term “independent adjuster” does not necessarily mean what the typical policyholder might assume.  When an insurance company uses an adjuster that they contend is independent, this does not mean that the adjuster is “impartial” or “disinterested.”  The adjuster is only independent in the sense that the adjuster is not an “employee” of the insurer.  While the adjuster might work on an independent contractor basis for multiple insurance companies, an insured should make no mistake about the fact that the adjuster represents the interest of the insurance company rather than the insured. 

The fees and commissions paid by the insurance company to the so-called independent adjuster means that the adjuster has a direct financial interest in ensuring that his findings favor the insurer.  In many situations, the adjuster might receive most or all of his compensation from your insurance company.  When you hire an experienced insurance claims attorney, the lawyer has an ethical and legal representation to zealously protect your interests.  Attorneys are subject to strong conflict of interest rules to protect clients from divided loyalty.

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