You purchase homeowner's property insurance hoping that you will never need to file a claim for fire damage.  Unfortunately, fires do unexpectedly erupt and the devastation left behind is enormous.  If you need to file a fire insurance claim, there are some things you should do. 

1.    Notify the insurance company promptly.  You also need to review your coverages.  If your insurance policy was destroyed in the fire, order a new copy from the insurance company or your insurance agent.

2.    Keep track of your communications.  Every time you talk with the insurance company, write down the name of the person you spoke with, the date and time of the communication, the person's job title and the substance of the communication.  Confirm all communications by email, if possible.

3.    Don’t give a recorded statement without understanding your rights.  You need to comply with the insurance company's investigation and any reasonable requests.  But you should speak with an experienced insurance claims lawyer prior to providing a recorded statement.

4.    Document your losses.  Take photos and video of all damages.  Presrve all proof of expenses.  Mitigate damages to the extent that you can safely do so.

5.    Don't sign any releases.  If your insurance company is asking you to sign a release, do not sign it without consulting with an experienced insurance claims lawyer first.

6.    Consult an experienced insurance attorneyFire insurance claims are complicated.  An experienced insurance claims attorney can help identify all recoverable damages and move the claim forward in an orderly fashion.  

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