If you live in Florida, then you are probably aware of sinkholes.  According to Wikipedia, a sinkhole is “a natural depression or hole in the surface topography caused by the removal of soil or bedrock, often both, by water.”  Sinkholes can range in size and wreak havoc for homeowners.

If you notice cracks in your foundation, flooring, walls or steps, then there is a strong possibility that you are dealing with a sinkhole.  In Florida, the law mandates that insurance companies offer coverage for sinkhole damage.  While it would seem pretty straightforward to recover compensation for property damage caused by a sinkhole, insurers are sometimes difficult.

As a homeowner, you pay your property insurance with the belief that your insurer will step up when you need it.  You should be able to file a claim for sinkhole damage and receive compensation.  What you shouldn’t have to deal with is an insurance company that alleges that the damage was caused by something other than sinkhole activity and therefore denies your sinkhole claim.  Sometimes the insurance company will admit that the damage was the result of a sinkhole, but it may still offer you a lowball settlement.

If you find yourself in a dispute over a denied sinkhole claim in Florida, you can take action.  An experienced insurance claims lawyer can help you recover the money you are entitled to for sinkhole damage.  

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