Have you been denied long-term disability insurance benefits?  You are not alone.  Even if you have a valid disability, your insurance claim could still be denied.  Insurance companies are notorious for using aggressive tactics to deny long term disability insurance benefits.  Some of these tactics include surveillance and interviews.  It is important to remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money and these insurers will look for ways to avoid paying your insurance benefits.

Insurance companies have been known to hire private investigators to monitor your activities.  These private investigators will park outside your home, follow you to the store or to other events.  They are looking to see if you are engaging in any activities that are not consistent with your disability.  The hope is that the private investigator will be able to gather enough evidence, through photos and video, to disprove your disability insurance claim.

Some insurance companies will follow up the surveillance with an interview.  An insurance representative will come to your home to see if you will play up your disability in a way that contradicts what was captured on film.  At the end of the interview, the representative may pull out the photos or show you a video that depicts you doing something that they believe you shouldn’t be able to do with your disability.  What commonly happens at this point is that you end up saying something that can hurt your chances of receiving benefits.

What is unfortunate about these “sneaky” tactics is that people who are disabled do not want to be disabled.  If you are disabled your desire is to get better and return to the life you had before.  You may push yourself to engage in activities that end up causing you pain.  That doesn’t mean that you are being dishonest by collecting disability benefits, it means that you are just trying to overcome your condition.

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