The many recent studies focused on the adverse health risks associated with toxic mold have increased the volume of homeowner's claims devoted to eradicating mold damage.  In humid environments like Florida, the prevalence of moisture from floods, plumbing leaks, defective hot water heaters and hurricanes can create an environment in which mold flourishes.  When this type of fungi thrives, it can result in costly damage to your residence and severe health problems.

Whether you own a single family home, apartment complex or condominium, your property damage coverage may pay to repair a leak in your roof, defective hot water heater or burst pipe.  Although the water damage caused by this type of hazard might cause mold to grow, insurance carriers often resist covering mold damage caused by water penetration.  

The scope of coverage for mold damage will depend on the specific circumstances of the situation.  Some of the types of property damage that might need to be rectified include:

  • Repair or replacement of your HVAC system
  • Rebuilding or repairing structural damage
  • Testing for the presence of toxic mold
  • Treatment of mold-related illnesses

The repairs and cleaning associated with mold damage can be extremely stressful even when your insurance company agrees to fully pay the value of your claim.  It can be extremely frustrating when your insurance carrier refuses to return your calls, properly investigate your claim and pay for the cost to rebuild or repair your home. 

There are certain precautions you can take to mitigate damage to your home caused by mold, such as:

  • Avoid using fans to remove moisture because they can promote the spread of mold damage
  • Abstain from relocating furniture from the impacted area to areas of your home that are less impacted
  • Let professionals eradicate the mold rather than relying on self-help
  • Realize that opening  windows to allow in fresh air in the moldy areas of the home can increase the rate of growth of mold

Whether the damage is to your home or business, you should have a mold remediation expert familiar with insurance claims investigate the damage and provide an estimate of the cost to repair or rebuild.  While the insurance company will have someone inspect the property and repair a report, the estimate prepared by such experts is predictably unrealistic and favorable to the insurer.

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